Accelerated Breakthrough Work

This is the kind of work I find most rewarding, as I’m privileged to witness a powerful transformation take place in the space of just 5 hours.

Freud reckoned it would take between 500 and 600 hours of talking therapy for someone to resolve their past. A well-heeled therapist wouldn’t need too many clients to make a living out of that.

How times have changed! Using a synergy of NLP and Time Line Therapy I regularly help clients in a single 5 hour session to achieve all of the following:

  • Get to the root cause of life-limiting problems
  • Release a lifetime of unresolved negative emotion (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and anxiety)
  • Release trauma
  • Cure phobias
  • Clean up and let go of the past
  • Disconnect disempowering and limiting beliefs (such as “I’m not good enough”)
  • Unleash the unlimited potential of the unconscious mind
  • Increase motivation, energy and vision for the future
  • Live fully in the present moment

This radical approach isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for rapid and dramatic results, then it may just be right for you.

There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.

"As a corporate senior exec, I’ve always been focused on work and had recently taken voluntary redundancy. So there was a huge gap for my personal growth. I had greatly under estimated the power and workings of my mind. To be honest, it seem stupid to think a driven focused lady like me would need help from any one - until I met Jay. She came highly recommend, and I researched hypnotherapy thoroughly before meeting her. We go through life often without thinking of stopping to breathe and take stock. This is an investment - food for the soul and a vision for the future. I can't describe my journey with Jay other than to say it's been life changing. Her work has given me tools that will empower and change my life. I can't thank you enough Jay and I know I will return in future to stay on this exciting new road you helped pave for me."

- Tania

"I was at a loose end when I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. I was unable to work at the time, as I was having crippling terror attacks every day. I’d suffered in silence for years. However, after just a few sessions with Jay I am back in control, getting back to work, and enjoying a normal balanced life. At long last life is fun again!"

- Ben

"I met Jay in December with some of my life's issues and five sessions with her made me a different person from what I used to be. She is incredibly easy to talk your heart to. I not only look and feel good, but also I have gained my confidence. Finally I believe that I can achieve whatever I want in my life, I would like to thank Dear Jay as she is the person who help me to transform my life. I highly recommend Jay for everyone who needs a helping hand in his/her life"

- Shikha