Hello ...

I’m Jay Dudley and I’ve been working locally as a Hypnotherapist and Confidence Coach for 20+ years.

I love to help people break free of old habits such as smoking and overeating, so they can live their very best life.

My greatest passion is helping people lift their spirits and break free of limitations, so they can be true to themselves, live life to the full, and enjoy self esteem, confidence and happiness.

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Clients generally come to see me because they feel frustrated with a particular area of their life. They often say - if I could just resolve this ONE issue, everything else would fall into place.

So what’s your ONE thing?

  • Something’s holding you back?
  • You want more control in your life?
  • You have no will power?

  • You’re ready for change?
  • You’ve had enough of second best?

If so, then this is just for you.

For some people a one-session “quick-fix” is all you need, but others need several sessions to get to the root of the problem, and make significant lasting change.

Either way, I invite you to have a FREE initial consultation.
Come and check me out before you decide, and I’ll advise how many sessions you’re likely to need.

My work falls into three main categories:

Jay Dudley


Managing stress, worry & anxiety. Getting life back in balance.


Building rock-solid self esteem, self belief & confidence. Improving performance - sports, public speaking, exams, interviews


Stopping smoking

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What is a typical session like?
Sessions are varied, and tailored to the individual. It’s my job to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed throughout, so you can enjoy making lasting change.

Hypnosis isn’t magic, and it’s never used to force change. It’s a safe and natural state that anyone can experience, very similar to day dreaming.

I provide you with a recording of your hypnosis so you can continue the work at home, thus keeping the number of sessions you need to a minimum.

Please call, text or email me for more information - CLICK HERE for contact details.

I look forward to meeting you.

Jay Dudley