Stop Smoking - Just £105

We all hate being told what to do - whether we’re 15 or 50 - and the more our family, doctor or the government tell us we SHOULD stop smoking, the more we rebel. And let’s face it, scary pictures on cigarette packets don't work either.

Many more people really want to stop now, and for the right reasons -because they WANT to, not because they should.

Whether you stop with acupuncture, hypnosis, will power or just a wing and a prayer, nothing can magic away your cravings.

Yet this combination of NLP and hypnosis, powerfully packed into a 90-minute session, is usually all it takes to stop smoking and stay stopped for good.

Plus, I give you the means to avoid substituting with food, so you don’t put on weight.

Why is it so CHEAP?

I charge just £105. Many therapists increase their fee to smokers, and charge way over their normal hourly rate. Personally I think that’s unfair. Please don’t fall for the “if it costs this much it must be good” trick.

I recently totted up the number of smokers I’ve helped over the years - it’s more than 5000! And as an ex-smoker, I know the pitfalls and I know how hard it can be to stop.


Stop Smoking

My fee (£105) includes a recording of the hypnosis for you to listen to at home should you feel the need.

Most people need just one session. If you do need a top up though, it’s just the usual hourly rate of £69.

I stopped smoking this way 17 years ago. I smoked 30 a day, enjoyed most of them, and probably spent about £40,000 on cigarettes in my time. I’ve had an occasional craving over the years, but it always passes.