Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Hypnoband *

It might surprise you to know that I don’t encourage people to diet, in fact I sometimes encourage people to stop dieting. My outcome for you would be to establish a healthy relationship with food, where you feel in control of your eating without the need for random dietary rules.

For some people, a quick fix is possible, but for most we need to get to the root cause of the problem, and this can require more time.

Like all animals, human beings have a primitive instinct to ensure we make it through the next famine and don’t starve to death. In other words, our brains are programmed to ensure we eat at every opportunity, and as much food as possible, whether we’re hungry or not.

Ideally this ancient survival instinct that served us so well in the Stone Age can be managed by our more sophisticated Twenty-First Century brain, which is intelligent, logical and has will power, and which also realises we have a ready supply of food.

However, if you’re reading this now, you’ve probably realised that your animal instinct or “Famine Brain” has been triggered for some reason, leaving you with little or no control over what, when or how much you eat.

So my job is to work with you to identify WHY your famine brain has been triggered, and then to correct it, so you can get back in control.

I always recommend a FREE initial consultation before we begin. It’s important that I assess your suitability before you start spending money, but also manage your expectations as to what you can achieve. It’s also really important that we’re comfortable working together, so you can relax and enjoy the process.


FREE to Weight Loss Clients
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“I initially went to see Jay to help resolve the weight issues I had struggled with for many years. Jay is very easy to talk to and immediately put me at ease. After three sessions, my confidence and self esteem have massively improved. I have regained control over my eating and am losing weight, and I'm sure this will continue. I feel like a weight has literally been lifted from me.” Joanna

Why Hypnotherapy?

If you’ve tried every diet under the sun, and still can’t lose weight, you may have considered gastric band surgery, but found the risks and the cost alarming.

Hypnotherapy uses the power of your unconscious mind to get back in control.

What is Hypnotherapy?

It’s just an altered state of awareness, in which you can access deeper levels of consciousness.

Forget Paul McKenna and clucking chickens, hypnosis is just a deep state of relaxation, a day-dreamy state, in which your unconscious mind will accept positive suggestions.

When we meet, I do a few simple tests to see how receptive you are to hypnosis, and then I can create a personal treatment plan for you.

Hypnosis cannot MAKE you do anything you don’t want to do. Neither can it it stop you doing something you DO want to do. The purpose of hypnosis is not for me to control your mind, but to put you back in control of your own mind.

How can Hypnotherapy Help ME Lose Weight?

I offer a highly personalised service. Every client is different, so each session is tailored to you as an individual.

My goal is that you lose weight naturally, without dieting, and just as important, you grow in confidence and self-esteem along the way.

Weight Loss

How are the sessions scheduled?

The sessions are usually 2 weeks apart, and by listening to the hypnosis recordings you’re progressing in the comfort of your own home, correcting your eating habits, and building a healthy relationship with food.

Hypnosis isn’t magic, but it CAN help you master your mind, get back in control, and unleash the TRUE YOU - no more second best!

In theory, it’s possible to mimic the benefits of gastric band surgery using Hypnoband, and I have had clients report that their appetite is reduced accordingly.

However, Hypnoband is not recommended for everyone. Please tell me if you’re interested, so we can discuss your suitability when we meet.

“I went to see Jay for many issues including low self esteem, I found her so easy to talk to, she made me feel at ease from the very beginning. I now feel able to conquer anything, and I feel an inner peace.” Amanda
“Jay's hypnotherapy sessions have given me a fresh approach to weight loss, having been on many diets in the past. Now my eating habits are changing for the better, and it has not been hard either. Jay is so easy to talk to, and really helps you understand your behaviours and habits.” Fiona